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Explore some the key datasets from the State of the Tropics Report using an interactive dashboard:

Population projections to 2050
See how the population of the Tropics will change during the first half of the 21st century – based on median estimates of births, mortality and life expectancy.

Children under 15 to 2050
Children under 15  in the Tropics are set to make up more than 67% of the world total by 2050. Interact with this graphic to see in more detail where those children will live.

GDP per capita
Explore the extraordinary progress that tropical regions have made in growing income per person. The growth is still fairly uneven and tropical income is still much less than the rest of the world.

Life Expectancy
Life expectancy has improved across the world, however tropical nations have shown the most progress, starting from a lower baseline.

Extreme Poverty
The ratio of people who live on less than $1.25 per day has shown improvement but many places have a long way to go – find out more here.

Millions of people throughout the Tropics do not have access to adequate food and water -see which region is most at risk here.

More people are living in cities than ever before and moving to cities at a rapid rate – see what is happening in the Tropics…

Slum can be an unfortunate side affect of urbanisation and slum populations in the Tropics have been growing. A much great proportion of people live in slums in the Tropics than the rest of the world.

Story Point – Health in the Tropics
This visualisation explores a number of critical health issues in the Tropics including: life expectancy; maternal mortality; child mortality; obesity; HIV/AIDS; tuberculosis and malaria.

Education is an essential indicator of human capital and a universal human right.

Adult Literacy Rate 
Youth Literacy rate
Mean Years of Schooling
Gender Equality – ratio of females to males with at least secondary education

Carbon Dioxide Emissions – Millions of tonnes
Protected Areas – % Area marine and terrestrial
Primary Forests – square kilometres 

Story Point – Tropical Oceans
Wild marine catch; aquaculture production; coral reefs and mangroves

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